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YPATT is gearing up for the 2023 Pack the Crate challenge! Participate with your neighbors and help “pack the crate” with non-perishable food items. Let’s beat last year’s record of 10,000lbs to shore up food for local families in need!

Your Place At The Table (YPATT) is gearing up for their local PACK The Crate Challenge and to break last year’s record of 10,000lbs of donated food!

From May 14 – June 18, help YPATT feed local families in need by donating non-perishable food and have fun while doing it. The PACK The Crate challenge is a fun way to help raise food donations throughout the town.

Here’s how it works:

Wooden crates will be passed from neighbor to neighbor to PACK the crate with non-perishable food donations.
After you PACK the crate with your donations, POST a picture on YPATT’s social media of what you packed.
PASS the crate to a neighbor – it’s now their turn to PACK the Crate and share with YPATT on social media.
After the wooden crate makes it’s way around town collecting donations, the donations will be dropped off at Trinity Church, Harrison Township Municipal Building, or Century Savings Bank.

Make sure to follow YPATT on Facebook and Instagram to follow the progress!

Want to donate to their general fund? Find them on Venmo @YPATT general fund.

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