Snow Storm Press Release



While dealing with a storm of this magnitude we ask for your full cooperation to help make our  operation more efficient and your lives a little easier. 

The Department is currently under staffed due to changes in operation. We ask for your  patience as we have not dealt with a storm of this magnitude in several years if it actually  materializes. Recently more developments have been turned over to the town therefore the  amount of time needed to plow will take longer. Please be patient! Due to the forecast there  may be a time when we pull off the routes due to visibility and safety. If you adhere to some of  our requests below it will make our job easier and faster. 

If at all possible stay off the roads. 

Stay clear of snow removal equipment. They have enough to concentrate on without  having to worry about you. 

If you have space in your driveway, use it. The fewer the cars on the road the quicker  the task. 

Remove all basketball standards from the street. Ordinance 02-2020 states “In no event  shall any basketball hoop structure, basketball hoop, basketball hoop backboard and/or  apparatus, or any individual player cause the obstruction of traffic, trash/recycling  material removal and/or snow removal.” 

Please do not approach the operators. If you have an issue, contact my office and leave  a message. 

Shovel all snow to the left of your driveway apron (while looking at your house from the  street). 

DO NOT shovel or blow snow into the street after it has been plowed. You could be  ticketed. Pass this on to your private contractors. 

If you live in a court, expect some snow in your yard. With the amount of snow  forecasted, we have to put it beyond the curb. We will make every effort to distribute  evenly if we can.  

Please keep your children and pets a safe distance from the plowing operation. This will be a heavy snow. On primary roads we have to travel a specific speed to get  the snow back. We will NOT replace mailboxes unless we physically hit them with our  equipment.

S & R/Snow Removal/A Message from the Public Works Department Press Release 1-29-21 

If you live in an un-curbed development, mark the edge of your pavement if we have  not done so yet. With this amount of snow there may be some yard encroachment, but  we will do our best. 

If you are essential personnel, i.e. doctor, nurse, police, etc. and need to get to work we  can assist you. 

Our plowing operation will most likely mobilize in the early morning hours and may run in shifts until we  are finished. Be advised primary and secondary streets will take priority over the developments during  the height of the storm. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience. Be safe.