Mullica Relatives from Finland Visit Mullica Hill





Mullica Relatives from Finland Visit Mullica Hill

 Paul Showers provided this repo1t on the recent Finnish visitors:

“On Monday, September 14, Mullica Hill welcomed Mr. & Mrs. Yka (translated George) Jaakkola of Finland. They had reached out to the municipality about what they could see in town and they informed us that John Mullica was George’s 9x great grandfather. I greeted them outside of Old Town Hall where Richard Ridgway had the various exhibits open and available to them. Chris Knisely joined us as we left Old Town Hall. We walked to the Spicer house, then we walked north pointing out some of our landmarks and we were then welcomed into Hughes-Riggs Realty by Jean Riggs. While the exterior has been clad in newer siding, the interior retains the early floors, mantles, fireplaces, chimney cupboards and exposed corner posts. Our guests were so very appreciative of their welcome as well as impressed by seeing two Mullica houses. When we were in the parking lot saying our goodbyes I asked George, ‘How did you feel walking the same floor boards as your 9x great grandfather?’ He actually got very misty-eyed and replied that it had not really hit him until I had asked. After departing Mullica Hill they went to Swedesboro to visit the graves of the Mullicas in the Trinity Church “Old Swedes” burial ground.   They were a gracious, handsome couple and it was a pleasant way to spend a beautiful fall morning.

The Jaakkolas sent appreciation:

“Hello Paul! Back in Finland and recovering from 7 hours of jet lag…

Thank you all for a very nice visit to Mullica Hill. We got a lot of information about y our beautiful town. Please forward our thanks to all who participated in hosting us! “

 And H.T.H.S. thanks Paul Showers for leading the tour and Mark Gravinese for taking the time to greet our visitors.