Guidelines for a New Business

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This guide was created for the sole purpose of making your journey to a new beginning in Harrison Township as easy as possible.


The Governing Body of Harrison Township is committed to promoting commercial development in the Township, making improvements to the Historic District and transforming that District into a vibrant and viable commercial, professional office, and residential area. To this end, the Governing Body has instituted a property tax abatement program for new construction and certain improvements to structures in areas designated as Redevelopment or Rehabilitation Areas. The Historic District is designated as an area in need of Rehabilitation. Click here to access the Town Center map which shows the boundaries of the Historic District.

The abatement provides relief from paying a portion of property taxes for a period of five years on the property under construction or improvement. Having a portion of the property taxes abated will aid owners of properties in the Historic District in maintaining historically significant structures, provide a stimulus for businesses to convert existing structures to commercial uses, and encourage construction of new commercial buildings.

Please review Ordinance 56-2011 (§196-8) for specifics of the abatement program and instructions on making application for the tax abatement.

Applications shall be made to:

  • Gloucester County Tax Assessor
  • Attn: Gerard Mead
  • Clayton Complex, Building A
  • 1200 N. Delsea Drive
  • Clayton, NJ 08312
  • (856) 307-6445
  • (856) 307-6447 (Fax)