Dear Fellow Residents,

I hope you and your family are faring well as we navigate through the winter. Unfortunately, cold weather and snowfall are still expected. When storms hit, we hunker down and prepare for tough conditions getting to work, or perhaps a ‘snow day’. While our Public Works Department is gearing up to clear our roadways, often working through the night. A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to our Public Works crew and plow drivers.

As homeowners, we also go to work digging ourselves out. Our driveways and vehicles are the priority, but sometimes the effort does not include clearing our sidewalks. The recent snowfall prompted residents to contact me about school bus pickups/drop-offs, expressing concerns about children walking in the street to get to and from the bus stop because the sidewalks had not been shoveled. Obviously, this is a dangerous and an avoidable hazard.

Ensuring the safety of our children is a top priority. As a friendly reminder, clearing a safe path on your sidewalk is required per Chapter 159-10 of the Township Codebook: Property Maintenance, Article IV Sidewalk Maintenance, Section A (1) states:

Fallen snow shall be removed, creating a clear path as wide as the sidewalk, within 24 hours of the cessation of the snowfall.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Hopefully, the weather breaks and we are in the 70’s sooner than expected.

Together For Harrison Township,
Lou Manzo
Your Mayor

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