May 19 – A message from Mayor Manzo regarding COVID-19

From the Desk of the Mayor
Harrison Township, New Jersey

May 19, 2020

This is not a full update. I will provide that, as scheduled, tomorrow. Today’s entry is totally dedicated to The Science of Well-Being course material.

Going forward, I will likely convey information exclusively about the course on Tuesdays. 

My initial intent was to share aspects of this Yale course with you in my updates, since the expectation was that only a small number of you would register to take the course yourself. Carving out segments of the course to share, out of context, is proving difficult. Hence, my plan to make Tuesdays, Well-Being Day, though I will sprinkle other course material in my regular Updates on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This will ensure your understanding of the material and maximize any potential benefit.

I emphasize that the objective of the course is not just to teach the theories of how to live a happier life. It also seeks to provide a process to apply the teachings to our world and increase our happiness level. To achieve this, Dr. Santos has included what she calls “Rewirements” (not Requirements) in the course curriculum. It’s a pretty cool concept, which makes a lot of sense. She has identified eight acts that serve as a foundation for well-being. Things like Sleep, Exercise, Gratitude and Kindness. 

This means people taking the course have some homework. Each week, we are assigned a set of “rewirement” activities to do each day. She calls them “Rewirements” because they are practices aimed at changing our habits, since research suggests we get a boost in our mood and overall well-being if we make these changes. So, I will share these Rewirements with you as they are presented during the course.

If you answered the PERMA Profile questionnaire last week and attained your baseline Happiness Score, you already completed the first Rewirement. The Week 2 assignment is to learn about two of the foundational acts of your rewiring. Watch the one-minute video on Savoring

Since we often fail at to stay in the moment and really enjoy what we’re experiencing, follow the video’s instruction and savor something daily. Now watch the one-minute video on Gratitude.

Gratitude is a positive emotional state which recognizes and appreciates what we have received in life. Most of us don’t do this on a regular basis. Start a Daily Gratitude Journal and take 5 minutes each night to write down a few things you’re are grateful for. Big or little, a word or a phrase, a person or place…you decide.

If you really want to engage in the process and keep track of your progress, download the ReWi App on your phone (iOS or Android). Look for the Week 3 entry soon…..Why Our Expectations are So Bad?Together for Harrison Township,

Lou Manzo
Your Mayor


A message from Mayor Manzo regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19. Learn more