May 12 – A message from Mayor Manzo regarding COVID-19

From the Desk of the Mayor
Harrison Township, New Jersey

May 12, 2020

Today is just a follow-up to my reference about The Science of Well-Being course in yesterday’s update. As I said, I will provide some details from the course in my updates as I progress through it in the coming weeks.

So, if you’re game, today I am sharing the first assignment in Week 1 of the course, which has two parts. The first part of the assignment is to determine your Current State of Happiness. This will provide a baseline going forward to determine if using the tools conveyed in the course have an impact. In understanding your current happiness level, you will know how much room for growth you have, and whether you have changed over time as a result of applying the lessons in this course.

To get your baseline state of happiness, answer the questionnaire known as PERMA (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment) Profiler. There are 23 questions and once you submit your responses, you will receive scores ranging from 0-10 for each pillar, along with scores for Overall Well-Being, Health, and Negative Emotions. It only takes a few minutes to complete.
The second part of the assignment seeks to identify your personal Character Strengths. Studies have shown that all of us possess the same 24 character strengths, but in different degrees. Being more loving isn’t better than having more humility or being a better leader. We all have differing degrees of each trait, which is why we are all unique. But wouldn’t you like to know which traits are your biggest strengths? The course uses the VIA Institute on Character test to do this. The test contains 120 questions and takes about 30 minutes to complete. There are no right/wrong or better/worse answers. The key is to be authentic, so that you can derive the most from the experience. After taking the test, you will get the ranking of your 24 strengths. Print out the “free” list (without the detailed Report for a fee) to keep track of your top 4 strengths for future reference.
I look forward to sharing more about this Yale course with you in in the coming weeks. In the meantime, stay safe and Harrison Strong.


Together for Harrison Township,

Lou Manzo
Your Mayor


A message from Mayor Manzo regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19. Learn more