Main Street Repairs

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will be addressing a major retaining wall repair project.  This issue has been deemed an emergency repair since the wall continues to separate and lean.  They have been monitoring this retaining wall for a while with a measuring device attached.  There is evidence that the wall has been shifting causing even more concerns to start the repairs.   Avoiding a major failure of the wall is the utmost priority of NJDOT and with that note they are attempting to get the project repair work done as soon as time permits.  This project will require some new traffic patterns and detours.  The over all projected timeframe for this project was estimated to take 4 to 5 months, but if the weather cooperates and no additional issues are uncovered, the overall projection of construction time could be reduced. 

I have been meeting with both NJDOT and the contractor to ensure that concerns and issues learned from the bridge replacement project are not repeated.  I have documented several concerns and requirements that will address our local businesses and residents alike.  Some requested ideas were to have clear and concise detour signs for directional routes for tractor trailers to follow.  In addition, signage that will communicate that all local businesses are open during construction have been emphasized.  I have started this communication by addressing our Mullica Hill Business Association.  I will begin notifying other key contacts that will be impacted by this project. 

The actual start date has been noted to start on January 10, 2022

Listed below is a summary of the project details and impact(s) expected:

  • Project is intended to repair a retaining wall using Micro-piles and panels
  • Project repairs are targeted at 14 North Main Street
  • Project timeline: start on or about, December 2021 through April 2022
  • Road closure: only southbound sidewalk, right shoulder,  & vehicle traffic closed from the intersection of North Main Street and Mill Road to the parking lot of Naples Warehouse.
  • Access to all businesses and residents will not be impacted.
  • Truck detour coming from the North will be directed to use the By-pass and make a right onto Rte. 322 and be able to turn left continuing south to their destination from Main Street.
  • The actual construction site will have safety barriers in place to ensure safety of the workers and our community.
  • The Northbound sidewalk, right shoulder & vehicle traffic lane will stay open throughout the project. 
  • Southbound traffic coming from the North will be detoured through Mill Road and directed to turn right onto Rte. 322, then turn left onto southbound Main Street to continue the southbound destination.
It should be noted that my conversations with NJDOT and the contractor included concerns for major events that are scheduled the remainder of this year that are being hosted by the township and/or our businesses.  We asked that they allow for any concessions that would be advantageous to ensure these events go ahead with little or no disruption from the project.  Lastly, I asked that consideration to the immediate residents and along the perimeter be considered with any night time operations.  In order to make sure this project duration can be shortened, some night operations may be required.
Our entire  Township Leadership Team from the Mayor and Committee are very conscious of the impact this project could have on our community.  I have ensured them that I will keep in contact with our NJDOT Project Team to address any issues that may come up.  



Mark L. Gravinese

Mark L. Gravinese, CPM