Don’t miss out on the Permit Amnesty Plan!

Harrison Township will be offering a Permit Amnesty Program effective September 1, 2021 through March 1, 2022.  The purpose of this program is to provide homeowners the opportunity to apply for all required permits (building, electrical and/or plumbing) necessary for work previously completed without one.  If you apply for the permit(s) before March 1, 2022 or prior to a CTO inspection, whichever occurs first, the Township will waive the mandatory $2,000 fine (per offense) for completing work without obtaining the required permit(s).  A copy of the Ordinance which generated this program may be found here.

Also, beginning September 1, 2021, the Township will require a CTO inspection to be completed and a Certificate issued prior to a change of use; change of occupancy or transfer of ownership of every residential dwelling.  During this inspection, it is possible our inspectors will discover work completed without proper permits, and a fine will be issued at that time.  A CTO will not be issued for any property that has had work completed without required permits.

Our office strongly encourages everyone to participate and take advantage of the Permit Amnesty Program to avoid the mandatory fine.  Our goal is to have the homeowner apply for proper permits and receive inspections to assure the work is done in accordance with State Code(s).  Thereafter, the CTO or Certificate of Approval will be issued.