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Receive your very own Challenge Coin & become a Friend of the Post! This challenge is an adaptation of the long-standing “challenge coins” exchanged among American Troops.

The Robert W. Mills post #452 Coin challenge is an adaptation of the long-standing “challenge coins” exchanged among American Troops. From a military drinking tradition to civilian government agencies, the coins have evolved over the years. These pocket-sized medallions, called Challenge Coins, were given out by military commanders to service members as a mark of camaraderie. Unfortunately, our post, due to Covid-19, has been unable to rent the Legion Hall during our peak rental months, losing our primary source of revenue. We are welcoming friends in the community to make donations and receive their very own Challenge Coin as a sign of our appreciation and become a Friend of the Post.

Challenge Coins are available for a minimum donation of $30 each and serve as a token of gratitude to Friends of the Post. Carry the coin as a symbol of solidarity with the people of Harrison Township, our Veterans, and Post #452…your local American Legion Post. Donations can be made here:

A Friend of the Post is someone who is not able to become an official member of the military but cares deeply about America, our veterans, and the community. Friends of the post will be introduced to members of Post #452 and will become a welcomed guest of the Post Canteen. There, new friends and members can socialize, enjoy a drink, and have a laugh over a meal with good company. We are so excited to meet and welcome all of our new Friends of the Post.

If you’d like to make a donation or request a Challenge Coin please contact Jack Sommer

Phone: 856-261-7862
Make a donation:

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