A Message From Deputy Mayor Lawrence Moore

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Dear Fellow Residents,

I am excited to share some significant news. In April, the Harrison Township Board of Fire Commissioners unanimously voted to hire Chris Conley as our first full-time firefighter. This historic decision highlights our Fire Commissioners’ and Chief Matthew Cardile’s commitment to prioritizing public safety and enhancing fire services.

Firefighter Conley is well-prepared for his new position, having served part-time with the Harrison Township Fire District since 2021. Over the years, Chris has gained invaluable experience and shown unwavering dedication, but most importantly, he has displayed a genuine passion for serving our community. I am confident he will continue to make a significant impact in this new role.

On behalf of our community, I want to extend heartfelt gratitude to all our volunteer firefighters. These individuals selflessly take time from their families and personal lives to protect and serve us every day. As a volunteer firefighter myself, I understand the experience of leaving the dinner table or waking up at 2 a.m. to respond to an emergency call. Your dedication is truly commendable.

Congratulations to Chris Conley and the entire Harrison Township Fire District on this significant achievement!

Together for Harrison Township,
Lawrence Moore
Deputy Mayor

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