The Friends School of Mullica Hill

friends-schoolBeth Reaves, Head of School

Friends School Mullica Hill is a little school with a big impact on both the lives of the children we teach and the local community. We are a Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade school providing students a rich learning environment that fosters intellectual growth, creativity, scholarship, emotional development and social conscience. We are rooted in the Quaker tradition, part of the historical foundation of our region that reaches back centuries. This tradition values mutual respect, diversity and nurturing the spirit as well as the mind.

Our students receive a rigorous and comprehensive education with hands-on learning opportunities led by the area’s best teachers. Recently our 8th graders took a trip to Costa Rica that involved helping with a reforestation project and practicing our Spanish language skills with native-speakers, as well as leisure time experiencing the local culture, food, people and biodiversity.

After graduating, Friends School Mullica Hill alumni go on to some of the best high schools and universities in the country. We are proud that their fulfilling lives and careers began in our small school – and they love to come back and tell us their incredible stories!

Friends School Mullica Hill also plays an important role in the community and economics of Harrison Township and the surrounding area. Families from 26 different zip codes pour into our school every school day. These families frequently shop, dine and use services in the surrounding area. Our school spends an impressive $57,000 a year with local vendors and this spending helps support businesses and jobs. As a largest nonprofit employer in Harrison Township, we provide 29 full-time and 21 part-time seasonal jobs.

Our students are active in the community, donating 450 hours of service to 9 local organizations. We’ve raised thousands for various charitable groups and have given $325,000 in scholarships for local students to attend Friends School Mullica Hill. We believe in giving back to the community and actively foster this in our students.

Friends School Mullica Hill is a little school with a big impact. If you’re interested in learning more about our school we have open houses throughout the year or you can schedule a private tour. Our admissions office can be contacted at 856-478-2908 x102 or visit us on Facebook or the web at