Leaf Collection

Harrison Township Leaf Collection


Harrison Township will conduct its annual Curbside Leaf Collection Program beginning the week of October 22, 2018 through the week of December 31, 2018.  To keep the collection organized and efficient, the Township has been divided into 6 zones (see Zone Schedule & Map attached).

PLEASE be reminded that once the leaf crews have gone by your house, in order to keep to the schedule, we cannot accommodate requests for returns until the next scheduled pickup.  PLEASE do not place additional leaves out until then.  

If you hire a private landscaper or contractor to perform your leaf cleanup, please have them take the leaves with them.  If they are not equipped to do so, kindly ask them to schedule their cleanup of your property to coincide with our collection schedule so that the leaves are not out for a long period of time.

We utilize a leaf vacuum to collect the leaves.  Bags will damage the vacuum and possibly injure our crew.

*  Place your leaves in wind-rows (long, narrow, neat piles), curbside by the starting dates for your zone.
*  Do not place leaves within 10 feet of a storm drain inlet.
*  Do not park vehicles in front of leaf wind-rows…if we can’t reach your leaves we cannot pick them up!

The wind rows should contain ONLY leaves.  No grass, twigs, branches, trash, dirt, concrete, metal, bushes or other debris are to be in leaf wind-rows.

*  Leaves can also be placed in your brown yard cart for regular weekly pickup through the end of November.

*  Leaves, as well as all other vegetation, is still accepted at the Recycle Center located at 151 Colson Lane.

*  This schedule is a guideline.  The crew may move faster or slower based on conditions and volume.

Cooperation from every resident is essential for the program’s success.

Leaf Collection Zone Schedule

Leaf Collection Zone Map